Yam Carmel – Attractions in the woods

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

At one-hour drive from Tel Aviv, on the western slopes of Mount Carmel, lies the beautiful, peaceful and quiet area of Ofer Forest also known as The Carmel Beach Forest.  The forest is green all year long and offers beautiful biking and walking routes.

The place offers a variety of attractions, from a view tower located at the heart of the forest overlooking the Carmel ridge, the planes of Hof Carmel and the Mediterranean Sea, to a fast roller slide, dry tubing track, Omega slide, climbing walls, rope park and abseiling.

Yam Carmel – how it all started

Yam Carmel was established about 13 years ago, as an attraction site for the entire family and a spectacular event space for private and business events, with an amazing view of the mountains and the sea.

The event space is built at the end of a wooden deck, in the shape of a beautiful amphitheater that is merging with the shape of the mountain.

Apart from the aim to enjoy the view and provide some quality family time, the place was established with the idea of enjoying nature without damaging it.

Fun and Adventures 

The roller slide is by far the best attraction in the place, descending along 700 meters, running through the green tall forest trees at a speed of 40 kilometer per hour.  Not to worry, the speed is controlled by the driver and the cart is for two people.

The adrenaline sensation mixed with the scent and the views of the forest makes the ride a unique experience, one that your children will never forget.

The dry tubing track, simulating extreme river rafting with all the twists and jumps, is one of its kind in Israel.  The track is 60 meters long and your kids can go on it with the parents, or better yet, with their friends.

The 100 Omega cable can be seen coming out of the 11-meter-high tower, just near the high rope track, the climbing walls and the abseiling

All of the attractions are perfectly safe, with all the safety permits required and qualified operators. 

Show Me the Money

Note that you need to pay for each attraction separately.  The prices are not too expensive and families and groups get a discount when buying combined family tickets.

Relaxing on the Top of the World  

If you had enough adrenaline for one day, there is nothing more relaxing and serene than standing at the edge of the porch, at the western part of the wooden deck, overlooking the beautiful scenery with a cup of hot coffee in your hand, feeling on the top of the world.  

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