The Best thing to do in every City in Israel

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

Each city is Israel has its own unique attractions and sites that you don’t want to miss. But they all have that one special thing you must do or see when you are in town.

It can be an exceptionally good restaurant or pub; it can be a beautiful park or an amazing attraction or it can be an historical site that tells the city’s story.

From the locals to you, here are the best things to do while in Israel.

Fun attractions

Holon – The Children’s Museum at the Children’s City

Holon is called the Children’s city for a reason, as it offers plenty of fun activities and attractions for children at any age, spear-headed by the Israeli Children’s Museum.

Unlike usual museums, the Children’s museum offers interactive exhibitions that allow you to actively experience values such as tolerance and open-mindedness and the acceptance of the other and the different. Each exhibition is designed for a specific age.

The most popular exhibition is “Dialogue in Dark”, intended for adults and children over 9 years-old, taking place in complete darkens and guided by blind people. The exhibition allows you to physically experience the world of the blind and the challenges they are faced with every day.

Rehovot – The Science Museum, Please Do Touch!

The Science Museum

Another fun museum is the Science Garden Museum in Rehovot, the home-city of the Weizmann Institute of Science. This is the first museum in the world to be built under open sky and is spread on ten dunams of well-kept green lawns.

Here you are expected and even urged to touch everything and experience with more than ninety exhibits around the garden, each exhibit representing another scientific principle standing behind various natural phenomenon, such as the rainbow, gravity and solar energy.

Kiryat Yam – Madapark on the Milky Way

Another site dealing with science the Madapark (Science park). The park in a social and scientific campus hosting science, sport and cultural activities.

You can take a walk down the Milky way and tour the universe, the stars and the galaxies in the magnificent Planetarium or watch a simulation of sea creatures living in reefs and in the depth of the oceans, in the park’s oceanarium.

The exhibits in the open part of the park demonstrate physical principles in the area of energy and waves that you are more than welcome to experiment yourself.

Ramat Gan – The Safari, One of a Kind

If you or your children love animals, the Safari is the place for you, where you can travel with your car and enjoy the sights of large herds wondering around in the open space of the Safari, un-intermediated. You can see Hippos, Ostriches, Giraffes, Zebras and Lions as well as many other types of animals you don’t see every day.

You can also take a walk through the Zoo to watch the African and Asian elephants, the Orangutans, the Tigers and the Gorillas.

Please do not feed the animals.

Kiryat Motzkin – Feed the Animals in the “Hai Park”

The Hai Park (Animal park) in Kiryat Motzkin offers an enjoyable time for the entire family, with a pastoral swan lake, fountains, water plants and shaded sitting corners for picnics or for relaxation.

The park has a special facility where you can feed the animals and also a small amusement park with carousels, trains and clashing cars.

The park is accessible for everyone with large pathways for wheelchairs and a vocal information system for the sight-disabled. 

Eilat – The Dolphin’s reef, an Extraordinary Experience

If you are looking for a unique experience with animals, the Dolphin’s reef definitely takes first place.

The reef, not found in any other country, enables visitors to watch Dolphins in their natural habitat in the Red Sea, by standing on observation posts and floating piers.

You can highten the experience by swimming or even diving with the Dolphins, accompanied by a professional guide and photographer for a memory that will last forever.

Ramat Hasharon – Cinema City with Movies and Shopping

After enjoying the sun in Eilat, you may want to cool off in the air-condition and relax.  The Cinema City is Ramat Hasharon offers more than 30 movie theaters, out of which five are for entertainment shows and children’s plays.

The big mall offers restaurants and bars as well as a variety of cloths, jewelry, books and music shops.

Kiryat Bialik – The Kerion, the Second Successful Mall in Israel

Built in 1989 on the ruins of the textile factory “Atta”, the Kerion is the biggest mall in the north and it keeps expanding.

In addition to various brand shops, restaurants and food stands, the mall offers the “IMAX” cinema where you can enjoy three-dimensional movies.

It is the ranked the second successful mall in Israel.

Givat Shmuel – The Hill Mall with the Stores Avenue

The Hill mall is actually an artificial pedestrian mall with a 270 square meters of stores avenue, located in the eastern side of Givat Shmuel.

The mall offers Palm trees, green corners, comfortable sitting corners and tens of stores, coffee shops, and services such as banks and a postal office in case you wish to send a postcard to your family, telling them all about the great time you are having.

Ness Ziona – Have an Orange Day at “Kef Bapardes”

“Kef Bapardes” (fun in the Orchard) offers you citrus fruits in the winter and seasonal fruits and vegetables in the summer, as much as you can pick and eat. This is a great way to connect the kids to nature while enjoying a fun family activity.

On Saturdays you can also enjoy a tour in a tractor-wagon, pony riding, baking Pittas on the Tabun and Gymboree.

If you are still hungry after all the oranges, there is a great restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking all the orchards in the site. 

Kiryat Malachi – Shahmatipus, Climbing with no Ropes

Another fun activity is the Boulder Hall that provides indoor climbing with no ropes where the walls and some of the ceiling are covered with climbing holds and the floor is covered with thick mattresses, for a soft landing.

The climbing is suitable for children from the age of three, and is a great exercise that combines mental and physical strength, strengthens your balance and improves your coordination.

Ma’alot Tarshiah – The Monforte Lake with Extreme Activities  

The Monforte lake is an ecological park, first of its kind in Israel, located in Ma’alot Trashiah at the Western Galilee.

The lake provides many fun attractions such as an ice-skating, Kayaks, Carting, a summer pool and a four-storage extreme park with a swing in the air, climbing wall and many other extreme activities.

Ariel – The National Leadership Development Center, Lead the Way

If you wish for an activity that develops leadership and team work skills, the National Leadership Development center, located in the heart of a natural thicket, provides just that.

In the center you can find the “Alpine tower”, a seventeen meters high climbing tower, the “Odyssey” trail that requires team work and “leap of faith” where you need jump from a high tree towards an object that is two meters out of reach.

Scary, indeed, but also brings you all together and definitely developed leadership.

Ramla – The Pool of the Arches, a Masterpiece of Muslim Architecture

Although it may sound like it, this site does not have a swimming pool, but is nonetheless an attraction you must visit.

The Pool of the Arches, completed in the year 789 ad, is an underground water reservoir built for the usage of the Ramla residents. It is a masterpiece of Muslim architecture that survived during 1,200 years and severe earthquakes that destroyed half the city.

You can enter the large magical place with a rowboat and feel as if you are in Venice. The unique acoustics created by the arches and the water, make the intimate concerts taking place in the pool an unforgettable experience.

Bnei Brak – Coca Cola visitor’s center, Enjoy the Tour

If you have always wanted to learn more about the black, bubbly, tasty Coca Cola drink, here is your chance.

Come join a tour at the visitor’s center in Bnei Berakwhere you will pass no less than ten different halls, telling the tale of the company and the beverage running over 130 years, from the day it was invented by Dr. Pemberton, through the worldwide success and the Israeli factory.

The tour will take you along the production lines of the factory, where you will be able to see everything – except for the secret recipe, of course.

Upper Nazareth – Elite Visitors’ center, a Sweet Tour Indeed

From beverages to candies, you can visit the Elite factory, where you will discover how Coco beans turn into sweet chocolate and how the resin of a tree becomes a chewing gum and enjoy the taste of freshly made chocolate waffles. 

Here also you will be walking through the production lines and watch a three-dimensional movie on the creation of the chocolate in general, and the Israeli chocolate in particular.

On your way out you will receive a small sweet gift of chocolates to sweeten your day.

Rishon Le Zion – The Zapa Live Park Amphitheatre

Arrival instructions

If you wish to listen to some good music, the best place to go is the Zapa Live Park Amphitheatre, where large concerts are taking place under the open sky.

Apart from international concerts you can find the traditional ones such as the Independence Rock Festival and the Spring Festival and many others.

Haifa – The Beautiful Baha’i’s Gardens

The Baha’i’s Gardens, located at the heart of Haifa, can be seen with all their glory and beauty from the Louis promenade till the German colony.

The garden has 19 terraced gardens, wonderfully organized and very well kept, where it is believed the “Bab”, the announcer of the Baha’I religion, is buried in the Bab with the golden dome at the central terrace of the garden.

The reason you only go down the gardens during your tour is that going up is allowed only to the Baha’is.

Beitar Illit – The Pigeons’ square, a Five Beauty Stars Winner

No, this is not Venice, but Beitar Illit has its own pigeon square with a spectacular element of pigeons on high stone pillars, standing at the very heart of the square.

This square adds up to the Rimon Square and the Gefen Square that awarded the city with five beauty stars, for seventeen consecutive years, and gave her the title “the most beautiful religious City in Israel”.

Arad – The Artists’ Quarter with Fine Boutique Beer and Wine

Composed of 32 huge hangars taken over by different artists, the Artist’s quarter has some worthwhile shops to visit such as a mosaic glass studio, a gallery presenting paintings inspired by The Book of Genesis and especially the one of a kind glass museum presenting the works of Gideon Friedman.

You can end your tour with a local beer at the “Shita” boutique brewery or with a boutique wine made out of grapes raised in the desert.

Ashdod – The Great Dune for Playing on the Sand

To end your long day, you can go look for the great sand dune, 35-meter high and more than 250 meters long in Ashdod. It is the last relic of the wandering white sands that were destroyed for construction purposes.

Your children can play and go free on the dune, while you relax under the gigantic Ficus trees, near the picnic tables.

If you arrive in the early morning hours, you will see trails of mammals, reptiles and birds who walked on the dune at night time and maybe even catch a glimpse of these small creatures still living there. 

Stories and History

Tel Aviv – Neve Tzedek Neighborhood, Picturesque and Historical

If you are into history, Neve Tzedek neighborhood is just the place for you. Built in 1887 as the first Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa, Neve Tzedek is a picturesque and fascinating neighborhood.

Take a stroll through its narrow alleys and enjoy the historical houses, the nice coffee shop, “Susana”, fashion and jewelry boutiques and some excellent ice-cream.

From the neighborhood, walking toward the sea, you will find the restored Jaffa Railway station with structures from the Uthmanic and the British mandate period as well as a beautiful center, with boutique shops, restaurants, coffee shops and art exhibitions.

There you can enjoy a leisure walk with some breeze from the sea.

Be’er Sheva – The Ancient City with 100 Years of History

Be’er Sheva – The Ancient City with 100 Years of History

If you wish to learn more about the ancient city of Beer Sheva (Well Seven) that was built more than 100 years ago, you should visit the International visitors center, “Beer Yaakov”, and hear the story of Abraham and the water well that gave the city its name.

After your visit at the history center, you can continue to the cultural and entertainment center, befitting the city’s position as the capital of the Negev.

There you can find various culinary institutions as well as Fringe shows nurturing the new generation of creators from the south.

Beit Shemesh – Tel Beit Shemesh, Blossoming Anemones

Tel Beit Shemesh is an archeological site preserving the remains of an ancient settlement from the early Knaanic era, identified with the biblical settlement Beit Shemesh, hence the name of the city.

The site is located on the western side of the city, 250 meters high, and provides a great view point on the Shorek brook. 

January and February bring with it a spectacular blossoming of red Anemones which is highly recommended to see.

Modi’in Elite – Harbat Bad Issa and the Old Synagogue 

Another archeological site can be found at the heart of Modi’in Elite, presenting the remains of an ancient Jewish agricultural settlement from the days of the second temple, destroyed after the failure of the Bar Kohva revolt.

The most stunning structure is a synagogue that survived until today, with tools and coins evidencing on the commercial relationship of that Era.

The site is declared as a National Heritage site. 

Kfar Saba – The Trail of the First with the Gigantic Eucalyptus Trees

The trail is called “the Trail of the First” as it passes through all the historical sites of the City of Kfar Saba, including the Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, the Memorial Garden, historical houses, the first water well and two gigantic Eucalyptus trees planted in 1906 that are part of the City’s symbol.

Zefat – The picturesque Old City of Zefat   

The old city of Zefat, with its picturesque ancient stones paved alleys, and the prayer sounds of synagogues rising from every corner, is a magical city enwrapping you with the atmosphere of holiness as you walk through its gates.

It is recommended to visit the ancient cemetery as well as the various synagogues and see the 600-year-old Torah book in the kept in the holy ark in Abuhav Synagogue.

Nazareth – The Basilica of Announcement, History and Shopping

The Basilica of Announcement, where the Catholics believe Virgin Mary received the announcement that she is pregnant with the Son of God, Jesus, is one of the most sacred and magnificent basilicas in the middle east, famous especially for its white-lily shaped dome.

Nearby is the church of Saint Joseph, where Mary’s husband, Joseph, had his carpentry shop.

It is recommended to combine your visit at the Basilica with a visit to the Nazareth Market.

Taibe – Alalia Altwila fortress of the Three Stages

17 meters and 2 storage high, the Alalia Altawila fortress was built in 1706 over the remains of an old Mamlukian tower.

The different colors of the stones and the different construction style evidence the three stages in which the fortress was built.

From the second floor, you can have a look at the view seen from that height. 

Ma’ale Edomim – Martyrius monastery and the Biggest Mosaic

Located at the heart of a neighborhood in Ma’ale Edomim, you will find an amazing historical attraction from the Byzantine era, the Martyrius monastery established by the Monk Martyrius in the 5th century ad, until it was destroyed during the Persian invasion in the 7th century.

Archeologists found a public bath house, stables, dining room, burial hall and a church and an ancient hostel used for pilgrims.

The highlight of the monastery is a special kitchen where the biggest colorful mosaic in the middle east was found.

Baka’s El Garabia – The Wall painting of Women in Battle

A big wall mosaic can also be found in Baka’a El Garabia, showing women in Baka’a that participated in the revolt against the Brits during the big arab revolt between 1936 and 1939.

But the city is especially famous for the biggest wall painting in Israel. 300 square meters in size, it was created by 8 painters in 2012, presenting the traditional customs of the Arabic society of the city.

Lod – The 3000 years old city where all Religions Intertwined  

Lod is a city with the history of 3,000 years, with Judaism, Islam and Christianity intertwined in her past and her present. Evidencing that is the “Gate to Heaven” Synagogue, the El Omri Mosque and Saint George church, located in the Shalom park.

Touring the sites, make sure you don’t miss out on one of the biggest, most beautiful mosaics in Israel, as well as one of the biggest and most luxurious Kahns, operated from the Mamluks till the British mandate period.

Don’t forget to pass by the Lod Market for some nice small souvenirs.

Ashkelon – The National Park, Antiquities and Beach Included  

Same as Lod, Ashkelon is one of the ancient cities in Israel where an antiquities site exhibits the markings of all the different nations who ruled the city for over 4000 years.

The site can be found in the National Park of Ashkelon, where you can enjoy the shade and a small beach.

Note that music is strictly forbidden in the park.   

Netivot – The Babba Sally Tomb’s Mass Celebrations

600 thousand people are coming to Netivot every year to visit the grave of the Babba Sali, praying for salvation and miracles.

On the day he died and in Lag Ba’aomer (a Jewish holiday) there is a mass celebration on the Babba Sali’s grave, with song and dance, in itself an experience unlike any other.

Beit Shean – Beit Shean National Park, the Hidden Roman City

The national park of Beit Shean displays a Roman city that was buried under the ruins during the 749-ad earthquake. You can walk the Roman streets, accurately preserved, and watch the pieces of archeology found at the place such as a Pegan temple, public bath house, toilets, fountains and a Roman theater, nowadays hosting performances of local and international artists.

You can learn more about the history of the city through the beautiful audiovisual show, “the nights of Beit Shean”, taking place in the evening time.

Sahnin – The Arabic Museum Of Contemporary Art and Co-Existence 

The AMOCA museum, exhibiting more than 200 contemporary and international works of art, is based on the belief that art can be the base of human dialogue and co-existence.

The museum provides you with the rare opportunity to see works of art coming from countries such as Iran, Syria and Lebanon, that you will not see otherwise.

Elad – Mazor Mausoleum and the Ancient Burial Estate

Before you end your day, make a short stop at the Mazor Mausoleum, an ancient burial structure, 5 meters tall, that was built in the Roman Era as a family burial place.

The structure is divided into two rooms – the burial room where you will see two stone sarcophagus and the columbarium for raising pigeons. 


Rahat – Balcon coffee shop and restaurant, Excellent Coffee and Service 

The only Bedouin city in Israel, Rahat, offers a prestigious and popular restaurant and coffee shop, attracting people from all around the Negev.

The place is known for its diversified menu and excellence coffee, as well as for its professional and courteous service.

It is recommended to arrive to the city on Tuesday, and enjoy also the big bazar.

Or Yehuda – Samarkand restaurant, the Joy of the Bukharin Kitchen

You do not want to miss the home-made cooking of the famous Samarkand restaurant, serving traditional dishes from the Bukharin kitchen such as Oshpalo, Bahsh and lamb broth as well as the traditional dumpling filled with lamb meat, Chard or sweet potato. 

It is one of the famous restaurants in its area with fans from all around Israel.

Jerusalem – Mahane Yehuda Market, Vibrant and Colorful

After checking out on all the main sites in Jerusalem including the Western Wall, it is time to go where the smells and the people come together into a vibrant and great atmosphere – Mahne Yehuda Market.

In the Market, you can try carefully chosen flag dishes from all the local food stands in the market, for a fixed price of 105 shekels.  

Tira – Humus Lull for a Fresh Delicious Wipe

The humus shop “Lull” is considered to be serving the best hummus in Tira, made as per the secret recipe of the Lul Bishara family.

If your heart desires the experience of wiping a fresh delicious humus, it is best to come during the early hours of the day, since once there is no Humus left in the giant pot, the shop closes and you have to wait till the next day.

Tamra – Aluthmani Restaurant serving Traditional Arabic Food

The restaurant was established in 1970, by the Uthman family who decided to make the home-made Arabian food available to the public.

They were the first who served special seasoned grilled chicken on a wooden plate along with the legendary tahini.

The restaurant has a branch in Afula as well.

Hold Hasharon – Nono Restaurant, get Ice Cream from a Truck

Locals claim that the best place to eat in Hod Hasharon is at the Italian restaurant Nono.

The homemade wine can be drank right from the barrel and the homemade ice cream is served from an old truck located at the middle of the restaurant. 

Arabe – The Brothers’ Shawarma and Falafel

The Brothers’ Shawarma can be spotted by the long line of people waiting outside the restaurant every hour of the day for a delicious strong flavored shawarma or an excellent hot Falafel.

It is recommended to eat the shawarma with a Lafa (big round pitta), but you can also enjoy it in pitta or a baguette.

Sderot – The Sderot Pub and Unique Pizza

The southern city of Sderot offers a variety of good pubs where you can enjoy a pint of beer and some quality food.

The Sderot Pub is famous for its unique pizzas while the “It in Sderot” is a social pub famous for its hamburgers and “Lilovsky” offering a combination of excellent food and live music shows.

Kiryat Ono – Kiso restaurant,  Sealed with a Kiss

The Kiso restaurant, whose name means “Kiss” in Japanese, offers a unique combination of traditional Asian food and an innovative cocktail bar where you can enjoy some Japanese sushi, Chinese gyoza, Thai Kang Karri and a Japanese “Schnitzel”.

Nahariya – The Penguin restaurant with Traditional Hungarian Dishes

Nahariya – The Penguin restaurant with Traditional Hungarian Dishes

The Penguin restaurant is unique in the culinary landscape for the past 78 years.

Established by the German Oppenheimer family, the restaurant serves many fine dishes, including the traditional dishes of goulash, weep-cream strudel and Schnitzel.

Akko – Uri Buri restaurant, Service from the Heart

The restaurant is located in an ancient 400-years-old Uthmanic building with high arched ceiling, in the lighthouse plaza, with simple and beautiful interior design.

The restaurant specializes in fish and sea food, providing excellence service and a perfect ambiance.

If you are in town for the night, it is recommended you stay at “The Afandi” boutique hotel, to make your experience complete.

Um El Fahem – El Babur Restaurant, Arab-Galilean style

El Babur restaurant is a veteran Arabic restaurant, established 20 years ago, offering a varying menu of authentic Arab-Galilean sytle dishes including meat, fish and Hummus, of course.

According to the locals, it is a great place to have lunch on your way to the north and the great service is maintained even when the restaurant is full, which is usually the case during the weekends.

If you wish, there are additional branches to the restaurant in Yokneam and in Akko, called El Babur and the Sea.

Hadera – The Hankin Café in the “Love House”

Hankin Café is a dairy restaurant and coffee shop operating from the “Love House” in Givat Olga, Hadera.  The fully restored house is 100-years old and was built by Yehoshua Hankin for his beloved wife, Olga.

From inside the house you can explore the well-kept original objects used by the family and enjoy the food and the magnificent view of the sea and the Benjamin Bay.

Kfar Kasem – Ba’asha Hummus, the Best Attraction in Town

Ba’asha hummus is located at the industrial zone of Kfar Kassem and is considered the best attraction in town.

The place offers you a wide variety of hummus, with different additions such as meat, mushrooms and chickpeas as well as other dishes such as Shakshuka, Labanhe (soft cheese) and mixed grill.

The hummus is fresh and everything is served with great salads and great service.

Or Akiva – Moshe’s Hummus with the Best Quality Ingredients

Or Akiva is also offering a great hummus place, at the heart of the Balfour market, serving fresh dishes made from the best quality ingredients with no preservatives.

There you can find Hummus Erez with chickpeas, which is the place flag dish, hummus with whole hummus grains, hummus with fresh tahini, parsley and spices as well as hummus with fresh minced meat and lamb fat, hummus with Shakshuka and more.

Many celebs visit the place and take a picture with the owners.

Modi’in-Macabim-Reut – Morden Bar, More than a Bar

If you are craving for a juicy Hamburger, the Morden Bar is the place for you.

The Bar is visited by those who are looking for the “craziest Hamburgers in the world”, where Hamburger gets its own unique additions based on different countries, named after the revolutionary best representing that country.

For example, the “Joseph Garibaldi” hamburger that includes crunchy mozzarella cheese balls, Parmesan and pesto on grilled mushrooms or the “Marry Antoinette” hamburger that includes Belgian waffle, seared goose breast and maple syrup.

Petach Tikva – Jem’s Beer Factory, The Israeli Brewery

This is a boutique brewery built with the vision of an Israeli brewery house that serves its beer along homemade sausages.

The Jem’s hosts live music shows and has a private room for throwing a special event.

Afula – Pizza Rimini and its Secret Recipe

The loclasclaim it is the tastiest Pizza in the north, based on a secret recipe of its owners, the Noga Brothers.

While you are there, it is also worth while trying the place’s freshly baked heavenly Ziva.

Yokneam Illit – The Mordo Winery, Tastes Unlike any Others

The flavors of the wines and liqueurs produced in Mordo winery are unlike any you have tasted before.

The owners are using fruits, vegetables and herbs for their making so you can find wines and liqueurs made of pomegranates, passion fruit, dates, apples and more.  

If you wish to learn more about the production of wine, you can join a tour where you will hear about the production process and will be able to taste some of the winery’s wines.

Kfar Yona – Santiago Restaurant, Meet the Falafel

The Santiago restaurant, named after the Real Madrid stadium, offers various meet dishes such as pullet, entrecôte hamburgers, flavored schnitzels, mixed grill, chicken breast and falafel (for the vegetarians in the group).

It is worth a visit for a nice tasty lunch or dinner.

Dimona – Authentivy, Authentic and Natural

Authentivy is a boutique factory for vegan products produced in authentic un-industrialized methods, operated by the African Hebrew Israelites who live on vegan diet for over 50 years.

The factory provides interesting guided tours along the production lines.

Yavneh – The Factory outlet of Ben and Jerry’s, Yamm…

Everyone likes ice-cream and there is nothing like ending a busy day with a tasty Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream.

The factory in Yavnehoffers you a taste of the first original ice cream invented by Ben and Jerry themselves, taste all the flavors, make your own shakes and indulge yourself with hot fudge.

You can always have some take-a-way Ice Creatm to continue the fun.

Sefaram – Shefaram Ice Cream, flavors like no other

If you wish for a unique taste of ice cream, you are invited to taste the ice cream prepared by the Zeitoun family for over a decade.

The ice cream, invented by Grandma Zeitoun, has a unique and rare texture that made it famous and popular. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to have one of the three flag flavors: Aromatic vanilla, lemon and fresh peanuts.

Near the beach

Herzliya – The Marina, Biggest in Israel

The Herzliya Marina is the biggest marine in Israel, with 700 docking places and 680 vessels docking every day, some of them can be rented for a fun sail on the sea.  

The marine was built along the city’s coastline and hosts national and international sailing competitions that you can enjoy watching after shopping at the famous Arena mall, offering mainly fashion stores and restaurants, coffees shops and bars over looking the sea, where you can relax in the fresh air.

Netanya – The Beach with the Elevator, that is Accessible to All

Netanya has 8 declared beaches attracting tourists from all around the world, especially the French, and two beaches dedicated for water sports.

The main recommended beach is Sironit Beach with its unique attraction in the form of an elevator going all the way down to the beach in 20 seconds, providing a great view of the sea and more important, accessing the beach to the disabled. 

Bat Yam – The Bat Yam Promenade, long and beautiful

The Bat Yam promenade is one of the prettiest and longest promenades for a leisure stroll, especially during the hot summer nights. It connects between all neighboring cities of Rishon Le Zion, Jaffa and all the way to North Tel Aviv.

The city intends to remodel the promenade to be built from an ecological bamboo tree that will look as if it is floating over the sand and will include wooden tribunes with fountains, water pools, special street furniture including sun beds and benches.

Tiberias – Ganim Beach, One of a Kind Aqua Park

Not near the sea but worthwhile nonetheless, is the Ganim beach of the Kineret, the Sea of Galilee.

While you enjoy the nice water of the Kineret, your kids can enjoy the floating “Aqua Park”, first of its kind in Israel, that includes trampolines, obstacles bridge, ladders, climbing wall and swings.

Enjoying Nature

Ra’anana – Ra’anana Park with Fun and Education Combined 

The beautiful park of Ra’anana is spread over a 200 dunams and includes an Amphitheatre for live concerts, pleasant walking and biking trails, sport courts, artificial lake and a unique playground accessible for the disabled called “Haverim” (friends).

The playground includes facilities for motorial activity, musical zone and a maze and provides a fun and educational experience.

Kiryat Ata – The Kiryat Ata Forest, History and Nature

The Kiryat Ata forest is a combination of history and nature, where you can find all kinds of Mediterranean trees such as oak trees, carob trees and pine trees.

If you follow the trail in the forest you will see the “Shabbat stone” named after the Greek script mentioning the word “Shabbat” and the cave of Rabbi Yehuda Ben Babba who was executed by the Romans for teaching his disciples how to become Rabbies.

Kiryat Gat – The Industrial Park, Rare Byzantine Mosaic Floor  

Another park combining history and nature is the Industrial Park in Kiryat Gat, the home of leading technology companies such as Indigo, HP, Intel and leading food factories such as Osem and Bonjour.

But the place serves not only companies but also the public with an Archeological park, built around a unique and rare byzantine mosaic floor, that includes playgrounds, riding trails, challenging activity facilities, shaded sitting corners and more.

If you happen to be around in Succot, you can join the big family happening, where you can take a tour in the various companies and enjoy great shows for the entire family.

Ofakim – Park Ofakim and the Hammer Fortress

Apart from shaded picnic tables, lawns, playgrounds and challenging sports, the park also offers two special attractions.

One is the environmental Bird statue in the shape of a bird with two slides coming down her neck.

The second attraction is the Hammer fortress, built by the Othman empire in 1894 to bring peace to the Bedouin tribes. Next to the fortress is the Algarir cave where the Turkish governor and his soldiers lived during the building of the fortress.

During February, the park is filled with blossoming anemones.

Rosh Ha’ayin – Tel Afek National Park, walk in the Squalls Trail

A quiet natural reserve in the heart of the busy central area, the Tel Afek National Park, was built around the remains of the biblical city Afek, with historical structures such as the Petrus fortress.

Around the park you can enjoy an artificial lake and small pools where you can cool your feet as well as playgrounds, lawns, ping-pong tables and picnic facilities.

If you wish for a light stroll after a heavy meal, it is recommended to take the “Squalls trail” that passes through various sites from the Roman empire, through the mandatory periods to the present days.

Carmiel – The Galilee Park on The Abandoned Quarry

The Galilee park, also called the Family park, resides at the heart of the Carmiel, on the remains of an abandoned quarry.

In the park you can find a four-winds observatory overlooking the valley of Beit Hakerem, water falls, a tall bridge built between the walls of the quarry, an Amphitheatre built from the rocks found in the quarry and typical Galilee vegetation.  

At the far end of the park there is a rose garden with more than 1000 species of roses from all over the world and a bush maze for the children to play while you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea in the coffee shops around the park.

Nesher – The Hanging Bridges Park and the Prehistorical Cave

The main best attraction of the park is the two hanging bridges, 70-meter-long each, dangling over the stream.

From the bridges you can continue your tour in the shaded walking trails of the park, nice and easy for the entire family.

You can also find here a prehistorical cave with three rooms that is open to the public, where the children can play.

Kiryat Shmona – The Gold Park, Eat all you Can  

The Gold park is named after the fountain used as the water source for the mineral waters of “Neviot”.

The park offers picnic tables and playgrounds, a museum on the history of Kiryat Shemona established in an abandoned mosque and a small lake with exquisite papyruses and water flowers.

Don’t be shy and try the strawberries of the park, they are delicious.

Migdal Haemek – The Cyclamen Lane, Make a Selfie 

If you are visiting between December and April, you must visit the Cyclamen lane with its breathtaking carpets of thousands of Cyclamens in pink and white and red and white Anemones, covering the ground.

The lane is circular and is 250-meter long so it is suitable for small children and is a great place to take some photos. 

Tirat Hacarmel – The Ornit Cave, Walking and Crawling

The Ornit caveis biggest of the many natural caves that werecreated in the limestone cliff and were used by the prehistoric man. It is 42 meters long and includes several halls and balconies that provide a great view of the sea and the City.

If you plan on going into the cave, make sure you are a fit walker and that you have a head flashlight as touring the cave involves crawling down a narrow, dark gorge and then down a steep trail. 

Camping in Israel

Camping in Israel

The small but powerful country of Israel is packed with all that the adventurous camper can seek. Fresh-water lakes, waterfalls, sea shores and beaches, craters,

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