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weddings in israel

It’s official and there’s a wedding! Mazal Tov to the sparkling young couple and the whole family. You are still on cloud nine of excitement. You have discussed everything about your future life, where you will live, which Beit Knesset you will attend and even to which schools you will send your future children. What about the wedding? Sure, we discussed that too.

There is no doubt there at all. We all want Israel. Wonderful. You live in the States don’t you? That could make things a tiny bit complicated, that is, if it weren’t for Israel in Style, who have a US based office as well as an Israel based one, and are here to do all the planning, arranging, booking and all, from A-Z and everything in between so that you can carry on floating on your cloud because we have our feet grounded to plan and create your dream wedding for you. Our years of experience mean that we can help you make huge savings on various services and we can also cut the trial/error stage for you seeing that we are long past that stage. So where do we start?

weddings in israel

Planning a Wedding in Israel

There are countless details that go into planning a wedding and we will categorize them into three main stages.

1. Setting the Character of the

The guest list

the first thing is to reckon how many guests you will be inviting to the wedding. This gives us a rough indication of the range of budget needed and how many gifts you can expect to receive.

The budget

Once you have a rough list you can decide on a realistic budget that you would like to work with.

Wedding style

this of course is greatly influenced by the budget but not only. Now is the time to decide if you want a country style or urban, classic or contemporary whichever suits your tastes best.

The Wedding date

Firstly you need to decide which season you prefer. There are pros and cons to each. Summer weddings are very popular as there is a lighter atmosphere and more options to choose from such as outdoors which in winter is not practical. However costs in summer are higher and in Israel the climate in summer is hot which can mean that outdoors without air conditioning is also not an option. A winter wedding can cut costs considerably and can be more enjoyable for those who find the heat unbearable. Jerusalem can get very cold and even snowy in February and March but the coastal and southern regions of Israel generally have milder temperatures. Once you have decided approximately when you would like to fix it we can go to the next stage.


As a wedding producer this stage is where our role takes over. Of course this is with the full participation and co-operation of the Hatan and Kalla and families.


No doubt the first thing to decide on is the venue. After you've narrowed down which city you prefer, comes the decision if you want it in a Beit Knesset, a hall or a hotel or perhaps at an outdoor venue in a rural village and of course a Hupa on a porch overlooking the Kotel is also a choice with the dinner in a nearby restaurant or hall. Depending on the type of wedding you decided on we will help you choose a suitable venue and then once a date is fixed we continue.


Next is choosing a photographer and videographer, to suit your style and budget. You will also need to decide which type of music you would like; a full band, a one man keyboard player or a DJ, and if you want a singer, and a paytan for the Hupa we will then proceed to book all these, out of our wide repertoire of reliable suppliers. This is also the time to select invitations and to decide which souvenirs you would like to give your guests. The catering service also needs to be chosen and after deciding between the various options of bars, receptions, smorgasbords and dinner menus we will place your order.

Wedding day bookings

We then go on to deciding the character of your wedding day. A studio for the Kalla, a suite for the Hatan, a car or several cars to transport the bridal parties and a hotel suite for the night of the wedding all need to be selected and finally booked. Once these big decisions have been made and dealt with we remain with one last stage.

3. The

It's now time to go into the little details that can make all the difference to the wedding and which we will tirelessly pursue until every detail is wrapped up and tightly sealed!


Color, style, a bouquet for the Kalla and her bridesmaids, centerpieces for the tables, the bridal chair, the Hupa. Everything will be accounted for and will match beautifully to the décor decided on.


A list of favorites for the musicians and singers with details for each part of the wedding.

The Seating Plan

once you have your reply cards we can with your guidance arrange the seating plan and print place cards for all guests.


We will ensure that you receive the menu so you can choose the perfect meal to suit yours and your guests' tastes. Once you have decided we will make sure that every portion is ordered and prepared exactly as you chose.

Final Step

The day of the wedding. We will ensure that all details are ironed out and crystal clear. Who is coming to pick up whom, when how and where?

Our Service

Once you know that the practical side of the wedding is in our experienced and efficient hands you can take care of the emotional and spiritual preparations for this great day when you will be starting your life together. Sit back and get ready to experience the event of your life time!

It is advisable to start planning the Shabbat Hatan which we can also arrange for you so that you truly do not have to worry about anything at all!

Israel in Style has vast experience planning and producing all types of events including Halakes and Bar Mitzvahs at a variety of venues. We look forward to seeing you at your next joyous event! Mazal Tov!

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