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Israel summer programs for high school students

“My heart is in the East while I am here in the west”
goes the famous poem by the Spanish Paytan of medieval times Rabbi Yehuda Halevi,
expressing his deep yearning for Eretz Yisrael
Today, if you too want your students and children to love Israel and even yearn for it you need to give them a taste for the land,
and a good one too.
Therefore there is a trend that is picking up popularity by schools to offer school trips to Israel,
where the students tour the length and the breadth of the land,
see the sights, feel the experience and develop an emotional attachment to the country.
Needless to say that in order for that to happen,
the trips must be organized perfectly and smoothly so that the aftertaste is a positive one,
and here is where Israel in Style comes in.
We arrange high school trips to Israel for schools,
ideal for 12th graders but available for any grade that suits you,
offering all sorts of choices including religious tours,
visits to Rabbanim and famous sites and Kivrei Tzaddikim,
as well as visits to amusement parks, kayaks on the river Jordan, jeep tours and extreme sport for a good dose of fun.
Israel Summer Programs for High School

The First Stage

There is no doubt that the main goal in creating class trips to Israel is for the young adults to see the beauty and the holiness of our holy land,
and to feel that the land belongs to them too,
just because they belong to the Jewish nation.
For that reason we spare no effort when planning the trips,
consulting with the school staff all along the way in order to get a picture of the type of kids coming,
their preferences and level of Judaism so that each class gets a custom made trip tailored to their needs and desires.

Planning the Itinerary

We then start planning the trips,
making sure to balance out the different types of activities to make sure it is doable and enjoyable.
For example if we will have on Sunday and Monday a strenuous walking and climbing trail with bangee jumping,
a jeep course and a wade along a wet trail,
which is exhilarating yet exhausting, the next day when at least some of the students will be feeling rather sore,
we will arrange a calmer activity such as a visit to a museum followed by a visit to a Rabbi/Rebbetzin and then a moving live presentation by a famous speaker.


Once we have your confirmation for the plans we get down to booking the best plane tickets and then accommodations suited to the budget of your choice.

We will also book air conditioned top quality coach buses to transport the students and accompany them on all their tours and trips.

Where necessary we will book restaurants or catering services for lunch or supper if we won’t be eating at the hotel.

Wherever applicable we will book group bookings for museums, heritage centers and guided tours which cuts waiting time in queues and contributes to the smooth running of the trip.

Accompaniment in real time

When the big day arrives,
and the students and accompanying staff set out on their trip,
we of course will be 100 percent present in the US
to send you off and our partners in Israel will take over and will be there to greet you when you land at Ben Gurion airport,
making sure that you receive,
maximum security, VIP treatment and everyone arrives safely and happily at their destination.
For the duration of the trip our representatives will be available 24/7 on site
to make sure everything runs smoothly,
the buses arrive and leave on schedule,
hotel rooms and meals are satisfactory and everything is generally under control.

How does it work?

Plane tickets

We start from the very beginning arranging group plane tickets which reduce the costs considerably which are relatively high in summer which is when most schools arrange their school trips to Israel.

Hotel Accommodations

after deciding on a full itinerary for the duration of the trip we book hotel accommodations in respectable hotels for every venue and stop on the trip.


we offer an action packed itinerary filled with exciting trips of all sorts. Some of them overnight camping out in tents and others from dawn to dusk, all in order for the students to see Israel at its best be it at sunrise, sunset or anywhere in between.

Religious tours

We take the students on tours designed to help them discover and appreciate their rich Jewish heritage which becomes alive when actually visiting these history drenched sites.

Kivrei Tzaddikim

we offer trips to the many famous Kevarim that dot Israel such as Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron, Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel in Amuka – a known segula to find a soulmate, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir Ba'al Hanes in Tiberius and the famous ancient cemetery in Tzefat is an example of one of our popular routes.

Visits to Rabbanim and Rabbanio

we offer to arrange visits to famous rabbinical figures of your choice to receive blessings and inspiration.

An Example of a Day Trip to South Israel

  • Trip to the south – Mitzpe Ramon and Masada
  • Departure from Jerusalem to Mitzpeh Ramon to the Avdat National Park
  • Stop at S’de Boker, to view the Ben-Gurion shack, which served as the residence of the first prime minister of Israel David Ben Gurion between 1953 and 1973.
  • The Small Crater and the Snake Trail.
  • A magical desert excursion in Nahal Nekarot. Ein Saharonim is a small spring, which is the main source of natural water in the Ramon Crater. Therefore we can meet nearby ibexes, savages (wild donkeys) and different birds. The spring is named after the crescent-shaped spring.
  • Mountain camel, walking on foot
  • Rimon Crater – A tour of the crater
  • The sawmill from the observation post views and photographs the crater in all its splendor, overlooking Ramat Saharonim, the Ardon Valley, the Machmal Valley and the beautiful geological phenomenon – Mount Ardon
  • The Tulips Sands
  • Meal at the club Ramon Hotel
  • Option for viewing stars, telescopes and more
  • Departure to audiovisual show at Masada

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