Family trips to Israel

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The Quick And Easy Way To make a Family trips to Israel​

Family trips to Israel​
Family time has arrived! And this time you will be spending it in Israel! Create long lasting memories for the whole family to reminisce for years to come. 
This is one of the times that we can truly say,
the longer and more expensive way will in the long run be shorter,
more economical, both time and money wise, and definitely more enjoyable.
Travelling with a family to Israel is a unique, and for most, a once in a life-time experience. It can be challenging to make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied.
To balance the needs of the older kids with the younger ones so that all are involved,
and actually enjoy themselves,
and that is besides for the hassle of traveling, arriving, settling in, arranging trips and all on foreign turf. That is all before you have even set your foot out to tour Israel. Phew, where do you start???

Top 11 places to visit in ISRAEL

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Israel. Stay here with me while I list some out to you and add them to your family trip binder that will accompany you on your family tour in Israel.

Trip to the Kotel

1. View of Kotel

Generous donors enabled the establishment of the visitors' center of Yeshivat "Aish Hatorah", seven floors directly opposite the Kotel plaza and the climax is the roof terrace which overlooks the Kotel and Har Habayit.

The Old City of Jerusalem

2. Holy and Bustling – The Old City of Jerusalem

The old city of Jerusalem is considered one of the top 'must do' visits for every tourist to Israel. The truth is that it's easy to understand why. When history drips out of every rock, when the Kotel Hama'aravi is just around the corner and the sounds of the marketplace penetrate the alleys, when the scent of cooking wafts up at you, you know that you have arrived at the most special spot in the city.

Visit to Masada

3. The Height of Excitement – a Visit to Masada

True, you have probably been many times to Masada in the past and you will be again in the future, but the climb up the "snake's trail" (or in the cable car) with the breathtaking view from the top of the cliff, blended with the mythological tale of bravery, changes the visit here to one of the most powerful experiences that a person can experience in his life.

Flea Market

4. Day and Night – Jaffa and the Flea Market

Another 'must do' stop for every tourist from the States is ancient Jaffa. The tourist pearl that is south of Tel Aviv offers an experience filled with surprises and attractions, without a lot of walking and without too much effort. Enjoy some "authentic" shopping in the most famous flea market in Israel, stroll between the alleyways of the ancient city and pop in for a good meal at the renovated Jaffa port overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit to the Kinneret

5. The Pearl of the Galilee – A Visit to the Kinneret

The sparkling lake, the views, the history, the trails and the beaches – all these and more, transform the Kinneret into a perfect touring package for every tourist who visits Israel. One can devote a few hours to visit there, during which you can take a dip in the refreshing lake, go up to the beautiful observation point on Mount Arbel and finish off with a good meal at one of Tiberius's fish restaurants.

Group trips to Israel​

6. Nesher Park – The Hanging Bridge with the Green View of the Carmel

When was the last time you walked above tree tops? Have you ever walked across a hanging bridge 70 meters long? At Nesher Park you will discover a pair of hanging bridges whose lengths are each 70 meters and can be crossed from side to side. These bridges are till today one of the only ones of its kind in Israel and they offer an exciting trip for the whole family Top Ten Tips to help you get organized for travel to Israel. .

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai

7. Views and flowers on the summit trail on Mount Meron

From the height of 1,208 meters, the highest mountain in the Galilee boasts wonderful views of the whole region, via the summit trail that passes through green woods. From here you can view the Tzfat region, the expanse of the Galilee and the Golan, Lebanon, the Heights of Dalton and more. One of the easiest, most enjoyable, and prettiest walking trails of the Galilee.
The walking trail stretches to the height of 1100 meters and higher above sea level – the highest walking trail in Israel.

Nahal HaShofet

8. Nahal HaShofet – A Charming Excursion in the Forests of Menashe

Some people call it "Menashe Height's Switzerland". A small section of the Shofet stream that flows in the winter and spring between the forested hills, with many trees along the trail, pools of water and even little waterfalls – characteristics that definitely transform this stream into one of the prettiest and most visited sites in the Menashe area.
In contrast to other trails, here the actual arrival by car is part of the experience of the trip, having to twist and turn on the narrow road between forest trees with a distinctly European style beautiful view.

Alexander Stream​

9. Gigantic Water Turtles and Catfish in Alexander Stream

The Alexander stream is one of the most popular trails in Israel. You will surely be thrilled to explore this fascinating trail. An easy trail that is suitable for strollers, wheelchairs and bikes. 
The Central Attraction here for many years already is the gigantic water turtles (some over a meter in size). Along with the turtles, Catfish also swim in the stream.

The Banias

10. The Banias Waterfall

The most impressive waterfall in Israel, it starts at the foot of Mount Hermon. The flow channel is beautiful and the waterfall at the end of it is stunning.

The Dead Sea Vacation

11. Always Fun – Float in the Dead Sea

Hey! And what about "the lowest place on Earth" and the fact that it's a "dead" sea? After setting aside all the nicknames, we are left with a charming place, photogenic and plain enjoyable! It's enough just to see the smile on your children's face after they come out after a long float on the salty water, with lots of black mud on their face. It could be combined with a visit to Masada or after a trip to Jerusalem. Don't miss out on a fun day at the Dead Sea, just make sure to tell the kids no to touch their eyes…

So have you taken your pick yet of all these attractions for your upcoming family tour to Israel? Before you rush to tell all your friends where you are going to tour with ‘Israel in Style’, just let us in on the details first will you?  

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