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We organize all sorts of Vacations in Israel for clients from all over the world offering excellent flight packages and deals.

Why You Need an Organized Vacation in Israel

vacation in Israel
Everyone and anyone can book tickets to Israel,
get on and off the plane, run around the country without rhyme and reason,
snap hundreds of photos and travel back again.
But to say after such a trip that you had a vacation won’t be that accurate.
Because if you don’t have a planned itinerary for every day by someone who lives and breathes Israel,
and has connections with countless hotels and tourist sites,
knowing which site is best at what time and where is best to go at sunrise and where at sunset…
then you haven’t really had a vacation in Israel…
Surely you wouldn’t want to invest so much money in a vacation in Israel without making sure;
that you get value for your money,
that you get VIP service wherever you go, and that you have whom to talk to if any problems crop up.
All this and lots more will come your way when you book an organized vacation in Israel with us.
We specialize in organizing exciting and detailed vacation packages to suit every style and budget.
Whether you are a family with small children,
a young couple looking for a leisurely honey moon,
or perhaps a group of able bodied friends looking to have fun in the wild,
we cater to everyone with one goal in mind:
To make sure you have a great time and get super value for your money each and every day of your trip.
vacation in Israel

There are various different types of vacations that we organize:

Family vacations

We have lots of experience organizing family vacations during the various seasons in particular the Hagim seasons.
We make sure you get to fully experience the “Israel experience”
which positively throbs with excitement before and during each and every Hag.
The feverish activity prior the Hag,
the tangible serenity that envelops the country as the sun sets and the Hag begins and the jolly merriment that takes place throughout the days and evenings of Hol Hamoed.
We also plan summer and winter vacations offering the perfect vacation pack ensuring that every member of the family enjoys every day to the fullest.
And above all making sure you get perfect service at each and every hotel or tourist site.
Family vacations - Vacations in Israel
Israel Summer Programs for High School

Israel Summer Programs for High School

More and more high schools from the USA have come to recognize the need and the advantage of arranging a trip to Israel for their graduating class.
Such a trip at such a crucial time of their lives can have a lasting effect On their future.
For this to happen the trip needs to be well planned by professionals.
Israel in style with our rich experience and intimate knowledge of sites all around Israel,
of suitable hotels and accommodations,
and of bus companies to transport you safely and efficiently throughout the vacation,
is a perfect choice for every school.

Vacation packages in Israel
are divided into seasons

Summer vacation

we offer a variety of hotel accommodations either in the Dead Sea area, Jerusalem or Tiberius with a full program suited to families with children of all ages.


In the Chagim season of Tishri we plan a program for you in the hotel of your choice.

winter vacation

In the winter season we offer a choice of hotels in Jerusalem, Tiberius or the Dead Sea area.

Sites around Israel

The following is a partial list of the available sites around Israel which we recommend that you include in your itinerary to be visited.

Jerusalem Vacation

Starting from the Kotel and the Jewish quarter there are countless sights to see in this timeless city. From ancient David's City to modern museums and attractions one can spend a whole vacation just in Jerusalem.

Vacation in Eilat

the perfect winter retreat with exciting beaches, coral reefs, action packed amusement parks and top class hotels, Eilat has lots to offer.


The famous Kinneret Lake is a hub of activity. You can swim in its beaches, take a leisurely boat ride on its calm waves or do the more extreme motorboat or kayak rides for a stimulating fun vacation.

Masada Tour

this is a must do for history lovers; take this tour to discover the fascinating story behind this towering site. You can choose to climb up the various marked paths or take the cable car for the easy way up and down.

The Dead Sea Vacation:

The lowest place on earth, known for its therapeutic qualities is a must for people suffering from various skin ailments and is also amazingly relaxing.

Tel Aviv Vacation

Visit the first Hebrew city, stroll along the ancient Jaffa port, and visit the famous Beit Hatefuzot museum as well as the famous amusement park for a wonderful time of your life.

Golan Heights vacation

Ski down the slopes of Mount Hermon in the winter or walk along the countless wet or dry nature reserves, you can also choose to take a bus tour to the various attractions and interesting and historical sites.

Tzfat Vacation

this mystical and ancient city is a must for any art and music lover. Visit the many art galleries to discover beautiful pieces of art, experience firsthand "klezmer" music and visit the ancient graves and Batei Knesset that Tzfat is famous for.

So have you decided where you want to start yet?

We can help you decide that today at Israel in Style.

All it takes is a phone call or a message to set the ball rolling.

Enjoy your vacation

Vacation Rentals in Israel

Many people prefer to experience vacation at their own pace and speed and for these people a vacation rental is the ideal solution.
There are countless rentals, dubbed “tzimmerim” by the locals,
of various sizes and standards all around the country.
Many have a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi,
which are major attractions and reduce the need to travel around for those interested in a more laid back style vacation.
Usually they have a manager on site who offers laundry services,
and any fixing that needs doing and once you are not bound by meal times your itinerary can be adjusted to make short or long trips.
Vacation Rentals in Israel

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