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Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

Top Ten Tips to help you get organized for travel to Israel.

travel to israel
Top Ten Tips to help you get organized for travel to Israel

Strolling in the Negev desert in 100 degrees weather,

without sunscreen,

cellular reception and a water canteen is NOT fun.

Add to that insensible shoes

and the absence of a sun hat and you have a potential tragedy.

That is not what your vacation to Israel for!

Read on if you want to really enjoy your stay in Israel,

confident that you have what you need when and where you need it.

Tip number 1:

Sunny Israel calls for you to pack sunscreen,

travel to israel

and lots of it.

Whether you are travelling in the winter or summer,

the Israeli sun is fierce and can cause painful sunburn.

You want to be protected without wasting all your spending money on sunscreen

which can be dear in Israel,

so make sure you have enough of the stuff to last you throughout your trip

and make sure to take a tube with you at all times!

Tip number 2:

Which clothes will you be cluttering your suitcase with?

Casual wear is universally accepted in Israel

so don’t bother with your suits and ties

(Unless you have a formal event that calls for them).

Loose casual clothing is the way to go.

The volume and type depends on which season you will be visiting.

trip to israel

Summer goes from May till October

though the early and late summer nights in hilly and desert regions can get rather chilly.

So plenty t-shirts and skirts/slacks in the summer,

a few sweaters for cooler weather

and a few woolies and a waterproof raincoat in the autumn through spring will do justice.

Important note:

While visiting the holy sites in Jerusalem and around the country as well

as while touring in very religious areas in Jerusalem

it is advisable to wear modest clothing covering elbows, shoulders, chest and knees.

By the way,

You can always check the weather forecast here

Tip number 3:

The headgear you choose to head out with

is also significant and can make all the difference.

A sunhat that covers your neck and face is a must in summer

and when taking long walks on sunny days in the winter too.


we remind you that at holy places, a kippah

(or any other head covering)

for guys

and a headscarf for (married) women will save you embarrassment and pay respect to the local community.

travel to israel

Tip number 4:

Be sure to check you have your chargers and accompanying paraphernalia

such as:

extension cords, spare batteries and memory cards

for your camera so that you are fully charged when you need them!

The most important item on this particular list

is your adaptor.
As Israel has round plugged sockets

it is vital to bring ample adaptors to ensure you don’t spend your time bickering over the single adaptor instead of shooting those memorable shots.

travel to israel

Tip number 5:

Fitting footwear for a visit to Israel

includes comfortable and sturdy walking shoes

that will hold up on your hikes

and tours and most importantly hold you up.

Flip flops or plastic jellies are also a must if you are planning to visit the Dead Sea,

with its rough salty beaches and sea beds and are convenient to have with you at regular beaches too.

This is of course besides your favorite comfortable slippers and flats for lounging around the hotel or going out in the evening.

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Tip number 6:

travel to israel

Remember your meds.

You don’t want to have to spend your time in pharmacies,

queuing up to buy some unfamiliar painkillers

that you have no idea what they contain

or how you are going to react to them.

So in case some pain comes your way,

be prepared with your familiar brand and pop them if you need to.

Tip number 7:

travel to israel

Bag some backpacks.

Bring with you a sturdy

not too large or bulky bag to take along on outings.

Big enough to contain your vital water canteen, camera, phone and your sweater

in case you need to take it off,

but not too large to weigh you down and not let you enjoy your walk!!

travel to israel

Tip number 8:

Make sure to arrange a foreign phone plan,

which will allow you to make local calls at a reasonable rate

as well as to the folks back home who are thirsting for news and updates.

Tip number 9:

Cash in on some local currency before you get on the plane

so that the first thing you do in Israel will not be to stand in a queue at the change bureau

when all you want to do is get out and tour the land.

So take the time to change some dollars and have the small change when you need it.

Tip number 10:

travel to isarel

Lastly and most importantly

decide before you get on the plane that no matter what will happen

and no matter how annoying the circumstances may be,

your attitude remains positive and upbeat.

Because we all know that when push comes to shove what we remember at the end of the trip is the atmosphere that permeated it.

So keep it bouncy!!

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