How to write the perfect speech for a Bat Mitzvah

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

1. Use the right words

There is no need to use high words in order to write a beautiful speech, as long as the words you write come straight from your heart and are meaningful and true.

You can start the speech with a warm welcome to all the guests who came to your event and honored you with their presence.

2. Match the content, use common interests 

When writing the speech keep in mind the audience you are talking to, whether it is your family, your parents and grandparents or whether it is your classmates.

Try as much as possible to find common interests you can speak about in your speech.

3. Make it interesting

Think about ways to make your speech interesting like using some humor or writing it like you are telling a story.

Another great way is to make your speech personal and tell about yourself things that you want to share with your audience, like what does it mean for you to be a Bat Mitzvah girl.

4. The credits

The end of your speech, as is expected, should be dedicated to say thank you to those who accompanied you on your journey and helped you get to this exciting day.

Try not to forget anyone, and if you do, no to worry, it is your special day so you will probably be forgiven.


Here is an example of a special speech in rhyme that you can copy and use and even change as you wish:

Good evening dear family, friends and guests,

Thank you all for coming to honor me and celebrate

The most important day of my life, it is not obvious

And I am happy to see you here so joyous

This is the day I turn into almost a grownup

And it could not have happened if not for the backup

Of the one above who decided one day

That the world without me is not the same

So, he brought my parents together so they

Can bring me to life to stand here today

My special dad, the one and only

That always has time for me, so I’m never lonely

Always making sure we are happy and safe

I love you more then life itself

My lovely mom, tender and caring

Always patient, never stops worrying

Thank you, dear mom, I love you so,

For giving me your heart and all your soul

And of course, thank you my grandpa and grandma,

All four

May you all know happy and healthy days for evermore

Warm wishes I send to my uncles, aunts and cousins

May we meet only is happy occasions

And not to forget my amazing sisters and brothers

Who help me in so many ways (to get into trouble)

I know they love me, and I love them the same

Even if we fight sometimes, it’s only a game

I also want to thank you, all my dear friends

Who support me whenever I need a hand,

I love being with you and talking over the phone for hours

Now take another selfie – with me, not with the flowers

Because today is my Bat Mitzvah, so put it on Instagram

And now, let’s all have some fun!

Love you all!
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