Planning a Trip to Israel? Find the Answers to all your Questions

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

What is the capital of Israel?

Of course, that depends greatly on who you ask! The official capital of Israel is Jerusalem and that is where the Knesset – (the Israeli parliament) is situated. The Prime minister’s official residence is also in Jerusalem.

Recently the USA have also recognized Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel and have relocated the Embassy to Jerusalem as a gesture of this recognition.W

What continent is Israel in?

Israel is officially a part of Asia, however, it is situated on the crossroads of two other continents too.

Europe on the North West (with only a half hour flight separating it from Cyprus) and Africa on the South. (Israel shares a border with Egypt).

How many people live in Israel?

There are currently 8.5 million people living in Israel.

75% of them are Jews 20% Arabs, and the remaining 5% are members of other nationalities and religions.

What language is spoken in Israel?

The official and main language are spoken in Israel are Modern Hebrew – Ivrit.

However being that the Israeli population is made up of many foreign residents who have made Aliya in recent years you will also hear lots of – Arabic, Russian, English and French spoken also, as well as Amharic, Spanish and Portuguese.

Yiddish is spoken mainly in the Haredi areas of Jerusalem, as well as in other Hassidic communities around Israel.

Where to exchange money?

There are countless money changers (called “Change”) in every commercial center where you can easily and safely exchange money.

Beware of changing on the street as these “changes” are known to trick travelers leaving you bereft of your cash.

How long is the flight from New York to Israel?

Direct flights from New York to Tel Aviv take 10 hours and thirty minutes.

How long does it take to travel all of Israel?

A car ride from the northernmost tip of Israel – Marom Hagalil to the southernmost tip – Eilat takes approximately 7 hours using Route 6 which is a toll road, and 8-9 hours using other toll-free routes.

Of course in rush hour traffic will be heavier which will delay your progress.

Here is a partial list of the available sites around Israel

Which medical travel insurance is honored in Israel?

Regular medical insurance generally does not cover expenses when you are out of the country, therefore, it is a must to arrange travel insurance for the duration of your trip.

It is best to contact your insurance company and inquire whether travel insurance that they offer is covered in Israel making sure to read the small print to prevent unpleasant surprises.

The Insurance Company CTAS is a popular choice for American tourists in Israel as they provide services in English.

How to travel with a dog to Israel?

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture in the State of Israel, the entrance of pets, dogs providing support/guidance/ emotional support, and animals that are flown as registered freight to the State of Israel are required to have a flight permit provided by the Veterinary Services Department within the Ministry of Agriculture.

This permit must be presented at check-in. The pet will travel as checked in luggage or as air cargo and will be returned to you in the arrivals hall at Ben Gurion airport.

What type of power converter do I need when I travel to Israel?

In Israel the power plugs and sockets are of type H.

The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Therefore you will need a power adaptor as well as a voltage converter when traveling to Israel.

You can buy an adaptor which doubles up as a voltage converter.

Here you can find more information to help you prepare for a trip to Israel

How big is Israel?

Israel’s area is approximately 8,019 square miles, which includes 172 square miles of inland water.

Israel stretches 263 miles from north to south, and its width ranges from 71 miles to, at its narrowest point, 9.3 miles.W

Where is the US embassy in Israel?

The US embassy in Israel is situated at 14 David Flusser Street in Jerusalem.

How to call Israel?

The area code to Israel is 972 which is what you need to dial after your international code.

This is followed by the local area code such as 3 for Tel Aviv area and 2 for the Jerusalem area.

How to get a cheap travel sim in Israel?

he three main phone companies – Cellcom, Partner, and Pelephone offer reasonable prepaid SIMs with handsome packages.

Check out their deals and offers and choose the best that suits you. The companies can be contacted via their website to find a local branch.

What time zone is Israel?

Israel’s time zone is Greenwich Mean Time plus two hours. Which makes it 7 hours ahead of EST

Which currency does Israel use?

Israel uses New (Israeli) Shekels abbreviated NIS. The exchange rate from a dollar to a shekel is around 3.5 shekels.

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