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Your Ultimate Vacation – Begins in Morocco, Ends in Israel

Your ultimate vacation is just a click of a button away, starting with exotic Morocco and ending in the Holy land of Israel.

Listen to the tale of two beautiful Countries, two diversified cultures, two rich histories – so different yet so similar. 

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7 reasons why you should vacation in Morocco

The Magical Atmosphere

Entering the mysterious and magical Morocco is like stepping into one of the Thousand- and One-Nights Legends. It is a country of amazing contrasts that casts you into a unique experience of another era.

The Fascinating History

With the magnificent largest Mosque in the world, old synagogues and the ancient city of Fez declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site, Morocco is an ancient kingdom with rich and fascinating history.

The Unique Style

Morocco has its own style, with its unique folklore and crafts that cannot be found anywhere else, folk music and dance, fortune telling in the streets and beautiful henna tattoos to decorate your body.

The Warm Hospitality

The Moroccans are famous for their warm and welcoming hospitality, making you feel right at home, where the ambiance is open and the conversation flowing while serving you their traditional sweet tea.

The Extraordinary Place

Morocco offers spectacular sunsets in the primal landscape of the Sahara dessert, picturesque alleys and vibrant day and night markets. It gets to you through all senses with its special tastes, smells, colorfulness and sounds.

The Exotic Food

The Moroccan kitchen is known for its exotic, aromatic and spicy food. From the freshly baked warm Farana bread to the delicious handmade meat pastries, the Moroccan food is a celebration to the eyes and the palate.

The vibrant Street Markets

The street markets of Morocco offer you almost anything your heart desires, with a mixture of shops and stands for crafts that ceased to exist in the modern world, such as cheese makers, wool dyers and coppersmiths.

From Morocco to Israel
Following the footsteps of the Jews from Morocco we now arrive to the Holy land

Israel in style

Family trips to Israel​

When arriving to Israel you are immediately enwrapped by the holiness of the land, rising from all the places that are sacred to Christianity, Islam and Judaism like Jerusalem and Nazareth.


And at the same time, Israel is also a vibrant country where the people are warm and welcoming and the rhythm of life is unstoppable. Where the weather is nice all year round, the beaches are beautiful and the landscape is breathtaking.

From the snow-white Mount Hermon, through the green of the Golan and the blue of the Kineret, to the orange of Ramon Crater and the yellow of the Negev desert, Israel is a feast to the eyes and the mind, offering a variety of natural and historical attractions.


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