Ultimate shopping experience – 5 Markets you must visit

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

Shopping in malls put aside, there is nothing like wandering around in a colorful market, enjoying the smells and the commotion, picking at stuff and choosing from a large variety of stands, each offering its unique local products.

We found for you the 5 ultimate shopping places where the smells, the colors and the tastes mix tougher into one fun and enjoyable experience.

The Artists stables in Pardes Hanna – a unique experience  

The fair in the agricultural school in Pardes Hanna is a unique experience of local artist’s shops located in small stables, where each artist created its own magical realm.

The shops are extraordinary, offering anything from an alternative hairdresser shop to bags, fabrics, handmade jewelry and hats, laser-cut wooden mandalas, a nostalgic collection of old pictures and stuff, underwear and swimsuits and some pop-up shops.

In the middle of the fair you can visit the local coffee shop, Mammalia, and enjoy the many slings scattered around the big courtyard.

An alternative Wine bar and a mysterious cook are also waiting for you at the end of the market.

If you are lucky to be around on Thursday night, when the fair is open from 16:00pm till midnight, you will find some food and music stands, and some additional surprising shops.

The Akko market – Authenticity in the city

The magic of the Akko market lies in its location amid the small picturesque alleys of ancient Akko.

It is an authentic market where locals, from Akko and neighboring villages, come for their weekly shopping of fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, spices, small gadgets and toys, kitchen aids and Malabi.

The restored Turkish Bazar and what once was the Traders market offer you another small picturesque alley to stroll in, where you can find nice restaurants serving fish tapas, sea food, alcohol and Italian food in an

Nazareth Market – Anything your heard desires

On your way to visit the sacred Basilica of the Annunciation or the beautiful Greek orthodox church in the fountain Square, don’t forget to visit the Nazareth Market, an eclectic and authentic market, where you can see locals bargaining for fresh fish, vegetables and fruits.

The market also offers souvenirs, clothes, house tools and some small fun stuff to bring as presents for the children.

While wondering around the market, you can buy yourself and nice Finjan or a scarf or just enjoy a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice

If you follow your stomach and your nose, you will reach the market’s bakery, where you can indulge yourself with a tasty freshly baked pitta with Za’atar (hyssop).

If you reach to the end of the market, you can find a small museum where you can find various ancient work tools and house tools collected by the owner of the place.

Piece of advice, make sure you visit the market before 14:00pm, to fully enjoy the experience.

Tarshiha Market – Clothes, Vegetables, pickles and candies

The Market in Tarshiha in Western Galilee is open every Saturday from 06:00am until 16:00pm, so you can leisurely walk through the stands, absorb the market atmosphere and examine the goods.

The first half of the market offers anything from work tools and house tools to shoes, clothes and various textile products.  

The second half of the market offers a colorful display of candies, spices, nuts mixtures, Olive oil and olives alongside Ballade vegetables that are naturally grown and taste like heaven, local herbs and fresh fruits.

Once you have everything you wanted, we recommend that you stop at any of the nearby restaurants for a quick lunch or a small glass of black coffee accompanied with a sweet Knafe treat. 

On your way out, make sure to go through the Tarshiha bakery for their well-known filled pastry – the Sambusac. 

Havivian Farm – the best-looking vegetables

Havivian Farm

Many Israelis like to order their high-quality organic vegetables from the Havivian Farm located in Moshav Hodia, who’s vegetables are well known for their freshness and great taste.

Those who like to feel and smell the vegetables they eat made it their habit to go the farm market every Thursday, open from 10:00am to 18:00pm, and do their shopping.

If you are in the neighborhood, don’t miss out on this colorful family market where you can pick your vegetables from the local vegetable garden and enjoy a fresh, tasty salad.

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