How to be in Focus – 6 Tips to do take great pictures On a trip to Israel

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

Woman taking pictures with vintage camera.
Woman taking pictures with vintage camera.

When you take a picture, it is because you want to capture a special moment,

one that you can relive every time you look at the picture.

Taking a good, sharp picture is essential for you to be able to see clearly the view you enjoyed during your trip with Israel in Style or your children’s smile during your rafting on the Jordan river.

Here are 6 important tips to help you get the perfect pictures that will amaze your family and friends.

How to choose Your Focus Areas

When taking a picture of a person with a landscape at the background,

it is recommended to have the camera’s focus on the person,

aiming for the area of the eyes to get a quick and precise focal point.

Therefore, the best way to picture people is with their eyes open, looking straight at the camera, wearing a big smile.

If you are just taking a picture of a landscape,

focus on the detail in the scenery that caught your eye and that you want to have the focus on.  

Increasing Sharpness

Female silver studded blue butterfly preparing for night
Female Silver-studded blue (Plebejus argus) butterfly preparing for night on Sharp-flowered Rush (Juncus acutiflorus) in natural habitat

When the light is low or dim,

taking a picture may be slower,

to allow for sufficient light to get into the camera, for the picture.

The longer it takes for the camera to absorb light, there are more chances for the camera to pick up on movements which will result in a less sharp picture.

By increasing the sensitivity of the camera,

with a high ISO value,

you can shorten the exposure time and provide a sharper picture.

Take into consideration that this will also add some background noise to the picture due to the high sensitivity.

 photographer taking picture

Stability and Picture modes

Moving the camera while taking a picture may cause the picture to come out blurry,

especially if you are trying to capture a moving object, like your kid running around.

There are two simple ways to prevent the camera from moving as much as possible:

1. Hold it with both hands.  The further your object is or the bigger the zoom, it is more likely that small movements will impact the picture.

2. Stabilize yourself by leaning against a wall or simply use a tripod. If you decided to use a tripod and you are about to take a picture in dim light, set the timer of the camera to take the picture a few seconds after you press the button to avoid the vibrations caused when pushing the camera button.

Man in camouflage with a shotgun aiming at a target


To understand how the focus works, it is important to understand that the camera is focusing on a certain area in the picture.

In manual cameras with a high sensor, you can define how sharp or blurry the areas that our out of the focus area will be.  

When you take a picture with automatic focus,

the camera may make several attempts to focus on the center of the picture,

but it may also focus on other areas of the picture, if you are using smart image modes or face-recognition modes.

Note that when the light is low or there are subtle color differences, the focus may take longer or there will no focus at all. 

there will no focus at all. 

If you do achieve focus,

it will be indicated by a square or several squares,

if you are taking the picture of several people, using the facial recognition mode.

You need to make sure the square is right where you want it to be before pushing the camera’s button.  

The Green Light

If you press lightly on the picture button, you will see the square turning green,

and is some cameras you will also hear a beep sound.

This means the camera is in focus and as long as you do not leave the button, the focus will be kept.

At this point, you can move the camera and set the frame as you like, then press the button to take the picture.

Note that some cameras respond slower than others so you will need to keep aiming the camera a bit longer towards the subject of your picture without moving, until the picture was taken.

In short,

All cameras nowadays are sophisticated and are equipped with an automatic focus system. But, since you are one operating the camera and pushing the button, it is your responsibility to make sure the subject of the picture is in focus.

Anyone can take a good picture, just don’t forget to look, aim and focus.

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