History and Fun combined – 5 heritage sites in Jerusalem

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

If you are looking for a fun way to get to know the history of Jerusalem, here are five great heritage sites in Jerusalem just waiting for you and your kids to come and learn some history and have lots of fun: (Family trips to Israel)

The Castle guarding the road

The Castle is the name of a hill and a national park in Mevaseret Zion. It also refers to the castle built by the Romans to guard the road leading to Jerusalem. As a strategic point, some fierce battles took place on this hill during the Independence War.

The Castle with its 150 dunams offers an audio-sound show and signs telling the story of the fights together with some group activities corresponding with the values of the place: courage, comradeship, loyalty and determination.

The battle on the Ammunition hill

Ammunition hill

One of the fiercest battles of the 6-days war has taken place at the Jordan post in East Jerusalem, nick named “the Ammunition hill”. All the canals, posts and bonkers that were used during the battle were restored and preserved, including the battle ambiance.

The site also offers a spectacular new and modern museum taking you through the days of the battle on Jerusalem during the 6-day war, with a fascinating audio-visual show, pictures, movies and testimonies from the battle, including rare personal items with great historical and emotional value.

The house of Levi Eshkol

The house was used as the prime minister’s residence during the life time of Levi Eshkol and his service period as Prime Minister.

Today, the building servers as an education center in the memory of Eshkol and is located in Ben Maymon Boulevard. Here you can also find an interactive museum used to pass on Levi Eshkol’s ideas. 

The museum is located at the ground floor while the upper floors are used as the new offices of the Society for Protection of Nature in Jerusalem, in case you wish to subscribe.

The Wind Mill  

Built in the 19th Century by Moshe Montefiore, the beautiful wind mill in Mishkanot Sha’ananim is a must.

The Wind mill, built to provide for the livelihood of the settlers, stopped working after almost two decades and stood abandoned for years, until its roof was used as a military post for the Ha’aganah organization in 1948.

The wind mill was restored according to its original plans, found in the National Library in London and its equipment was provided by the original family who built its equipment back in 1857.

In 2012 the Mill was fully restored and in 2013 the first bag of flower was produced.  Today visitors can enter the mill and enjoy a short movie on its construction.

Adas Synagogue

The magnificent Adas synagogue, of the Haleb congregation, located in 1 Beer Sheva street, was built in 1901 and is located in Nahlat Zion neighborhood.

The Synagogue’s walls and ceiling are covered with the monumental drawings of Yaakov Stark and its holy ark is made of hickory and the mother-of-pearls, a true Damascan work of art.

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