A Stroll through Golden Green fields – take a picture!

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

The beginning of summertime,

just before the harvest festivities,

is the perfect time to travel in Israel in style and take pictures of the spectacular sights provided by nature –

a sea of golden wheat crops and green vines, in one of the most beautiful areas in Israel. 

Golden sunrise over wheat fields
Golden sunrise over wheat fields.

If you are in Israel during March till May, this is the time for you to take the best pictures, just before the yellow wheat sea is being harvested.

If you arrive after the harvest, no need to worry, as you can still enjoy the magnificent view of big cubes of straw scattered in the field, waiting to be picked up.

Where is it?

Hay bales in golden field at sunset
Hay bales harvesting in golden field at sunset

Just two traffic light after Bilu Junction you turn left and east to route 441, which leads you to Mazkeret Batya.

After a 10 min. drive, you will arrive to Kibbutz Huldah, where you will see the vines spreading around.  If you look along the lines, you can see some colorful roses planed at both ends of the lines, adding to the color festivity, near the Barkan Winery.

Harvested wheat field, electric power line and blue sky
Harvested green wheat field, electric power line and blue sky

We recommended to take a walk at the Huldah Forest and enjoy the shade and field of green cross and of yellow wheat.  

Heading towards the west side of the forest, in the midst of the open vine areas, after a nice straoll between tall palm trees, you can enjoy Mizpeh Tal.  The Mizpeh is a memorial site for the memory of Lieutenant Tal, a member of Kibbutz Huldah. 

Tractor Track through Wheat field at sunset
Tractor Track through Wheat field at sunset on Dutch countryside

Heading south, along the road, is Moshav Tal and to the east, on route 44 towards Beit Shemesh, you will reach Kefar Oria. If you cross it towards the south, the road will bring you to a magnificent ground covered with fields of yellow and green.

For the best pictures, we recommend…

It is highly recommended to arrive during the magical hours of the afternoon, when the sun is setting down, painting the fields in orange and gold and the sky in red and purple – just like in a poster!

The best photo ever.

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