Celebrating Bar Mitzvah – 2 special locations in Israel

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

Your son’s Bar Mitzvah is coming soon and you want to celebrate it in Israel in Style. After all, it is not every day that your son becomes thirteen, on his way to becoming a man.

We recommend two great locations that can offer you an event that is both historical and spiritual, each in its own unique way.

The Western Wall: Historical, Sacred and Meaningful

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The Western Wall, a focal point for Jewish pilgrimage from Israel and all around the world, is a historical site, with a holy atmosphere that surrounds the Temple Mount from the Second Temple period till this very day.

The reading of the Torah at the Western Wall, as part of the Bar Mitzvah, is both meaningful and powerful. This is why many people, whether religious, traditional or non-religious, are looking to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall.

How it is done?

Due to the high demand for Bar Mitzvah celebrations at the Western Wall, it is highly recommended that you coordinate it in advance with The Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

The ceremony of the reading of the Torah usually takes place on Mondays and Thursday, whichever is closer to your son’s Jewish birth date.

If you do not have a cantor to assist and direct your son through the reading of the Torah, you can update the Foundation people who will help you find such a cantor, in various languages.

For the guests who are coming with their own private cars, there is a parking lot at the Mammilla mall or the Safra square. If you wish, you can rent a private bus and walk from the old city to the Western Wall or enjoy the small Western Wall train.

What is the cost? $$$

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall does not involve any pay and is offered freely to any Bar Mitzva boy who wishes to have a unique and special day.

Upgrading the Celebrations

We at Israel in Style can help you upgrade the event even further by arranging transportation for your guests, personal escort throughout the entire event, photographers and even a musical parade.

If you wish to make it a full-day event, we can arrange great tours for you and your guests after the ceremony, in the sites surrounding the Western Wall such as the Tower of David museum, the City of David or the Archeological Garden.

And to make sure your guests do not stay hungry, reservations can be made at any of the excellence restaurants in Jerusalem such as Lechem Basar (Meat Bread) or the Toro.

Staying in one of the quality hotels near the Western Wall is also an option, so you can fully enjoy your stay in Jerusalem or just have a rest along the day. In some of these hotels you can arrange a small event for the family.

We will arrange everything for you, according to your needs and your budget.

Bear in mind

A Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall can be an unforgettable event, spiritual and moving.

But you need to bear in mind the large number of people visiting the Western Wall every day, which can make the event quite crowded.

The Torah books are provided at the Western Wall, so you cannot bring your own Torah books and you need to be dressed in modest attire due to the holiness of the place.

Bear in mind also that getting to the Western Wall can be somewhat difficult; the streets of the Old City are often crowded and jammed.

And still, it is definitely worth it!

Masada: Historical, Spiritual and Spectacular 

At the edge of the Judea Dessert, on a secluded cliff top, stands the Masada Fortress, an important historical point in the history of the Jewish people and the focal point of many tourists.

A Bar Mitzvah in Masada has a more traditional – non-religious atmosphere to it due to the fact that Masada is more of an historical and a spiritual place then a holy place to Judaism, as is the Western Wall.

How it is done?

Reading the Torah and celebrating one’s Bar Mitzva in Masada is also in great demand, especially during the summer. This is why we recommend you set the dates in advance, especially if you plan on having your event at sun rise or at night time, when the view is spectacular and unlike any other.  

What is the cost?

The costs for such an event can be quite high due to the entrance fees. This is why it is important to plan your budget in advance by having a clear understanding of the prices, based on the number of guests you are planning to have as well as the time and date of the event.  We will be more than happy to help you with the planning.

Upgrading the Celebrations

Here too, we will be happy to use our experience and familiarity with the challenges of the location, to help you plan and produce an unforgettable Bar Mitzvah celebration.  

For example, the ceremony of laying the tefillin and reading the Torah will take place at the ancient synagogue on Mount Masada. We can arrange for it to be accompanied by various musical ensembles or blowers of the Shofar, to heighten the effect.

Bear in mind

If you chose to do your Bar Mitzva at Masada, you need to remember that apart from the fact this is a remote location, the temperatures during summer time can reach very high levels.

You and your guests need to be accordingly prepared

So, Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall or in Masada?

Our recommendation to you is that you chose the place that best suits your way of life, your beliefs and your perception, whether it is a religious-traditional event at the Western Wall or a traditional-non religious event in Masada. 

Either way, we wish you Mazal Tov!

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