10 secret most beautiful beaches in Israel

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

There is nothing like the beaches in Israel, where you can enjoy the sun, play in the sand and relax.

Problem is that the main shores are quite noisy and crowded, especially in the summer, to be able to quietly relax on the warm sand.

So, we decided to introduce you to some of the most beautiful shores in Israel where you can really enjoy the silence.

You may not find any sun beds, comfort chairs or showers, but you will meet nature in its full glory – with magnificent bays, small natural clear lagoons and most importantly – peace and quiet.

From the north to the south, we give you the 10 secret most beautiful shores in Israel:

1. Akhziv Beach

With a number of deep and shallow natural lagoons, including one nicknamed “the Children’s lagoon”, and some impressive rock grottoes, Akhziv Beach offers a relaxing time and lots of interesting water creatures to explore such as sea amenon, Sea urchin and crabs along some interesting fishes you will not see in many other beaches.

The National park next to the beach offers picnic areas and the remains of an old fishermen village.

2. Bora Bora Beach

bora bora beach israel

The beauty and uniqueness of the Bora Bora Beach in Tiberias is that it is an untouched private beach trying to replicate the magic of the real Bora Bora in Tahiti, where the owner of the beach used to live.

It is a pastoral beach reserve offering a spectacular view of spring waters flowing into the Sea of Galilee and all the facilities you need to enjoy your stay and relax, including sun beds, huts and a rich Bar and Restaurant.

3. Tze’elon Beach

Tze’elon beach, located also in Tiberias, offers a full kilometer of natural groves providing lovely shaded spots for a picnic or for an afternoon nap away from the sun.

The beach is declared as a quiet beach which means no loud music is allowed, so you can enjoy a relaxing day in the sun while your children are enjoying the shallow waters of the Sea of Galilee.

4. Habonim Beach

This golden exotic beach is called “the Love Bay” and attracts many loving couples looking for a romantic spot, away from the crowd.

In the middle of the bay you can find a beautiful small island and a reef used as a wave-breaker, creating secret lagoons with clear turquois water, where you or your children can find many sea creatures hiding between the rocks.

It is a secluded beach that provides all the tranquility you desire.

5. Dor Nachsholim Beach

Right next to Habonim beach, you can find another beautiful beach, known for its wild natural beauty and its small lagoons, with their clear turquoise waters, where you can relax while your kids enjoy their own private and perfectly safe pool.

They may also find interest in the remains of old ships buried in the sand and the various crabs and birds surrounding them.

If you are looking for some exercise, you can find a marked trail that takes you on a lovely stroll between small bays and a beautiful shell beach. Take your time to enjoy the flowers in the spring, the refreshing cool air in the winter, the nice weather in the fall and the afternoon warmth in the summer.

6. Gisar A-Zarka beach

The Gisar A-Zarko Beach brings to mind the shores of Greece one sees in movies, with its wild coast strip offering white sand and the clearest blue water you have ever seen. If you go a little more to the south, you can find a tiny light house standing alone on a rock and fisherman boats docking near the pier.

It is one of the most beautiful, most quiet shores in Israel, rich with eolianite (kurkar) sculptures created by nature, that make small natural lagoons.

7. Sea Palace Beach

If you get the chance to go to the Sea Palace Beach in Bat Yam during morning hours or the less crowded days of July and August, when the days get hot and everyone goes to the beach, you are guaranteed to enjoy one of the quietest central seashores in Israel.

This is the most northern coast of the city, providing a secluded corner for those who enjoy their solitude.

8. Zikim Beach

Although today Zikim Beach is a declared beach and everyone knows it, it can still provide you with some peace and quiet along with some wild nature from the natural reserve next to the beach.

So, while you are relaxing in one of the clean comfortable seating areas or huts, your children can enjoy the sand dunes in the eastern side of the beach and explore the rich vegetation and animals that live there.

9. South Palmachim Beach

After coming through the main entrance of the beach, some tens of meters to the south and just around the huge cliff that hides it, you will find a secret coastal strip that is hidden from the eye and quite secluded. This is one of the last natural wild coast lines left in Israel, guarding the archeological remains of the ancient city Yavne Yam.

It is the perfect beach for those who want to be utterly secluded from the rest of the crowd and enjoy the sound of the waves and the birds.

10. The Princess Hotel Beach reserve 

The Princess Hotel beach reserve is the most southern beach in Israel, and one of the most magical beaches of the Southern capital of Israel, Eilat.

Untouched by human hand, the stone rocks of the beach merge with the blue clear water in perfect harmony. Although it is not a declared beach, the beach is clean and has the facilities of bathrooms, showers, kiosks and free parking.

Here you can find your peace and quiet on the beach and under water, snorkeling and exploring the rich life of fish and corals in the clear waters of the red sea.

Word of advice: most of these beaches do not have lifeguard services, so keep safe and enjoy your stay!

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