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bar mitzvah in israel

Does that sound too good to be true? 

Well, it isn’t! 

With Israel in Style it’s a day to day occurrence. You too can join our hundreds of satisfied clients and give your son an experience of his lifetime either in highly popular Jerusalem or in another city of your choice.

It may seem like a daunting task to plan a Israel Bar Mitzvah tour, 

but with Israel in Style who runs offices both in USA and in Israel we help you break down all the components of a successful event to bite size tasks, 

meeting with you several times at all stages of planning so that every aspect is covered and you can calmly look forward to your flight knowing that your event is in the best hands.

bar mitzvah in israel

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The Planning stages of a Barmitzva in Jerusalem

Internal family meeting to plan goals and budget

the first stage that must be decided on before any further planning can be done.

Decision concerning type of event

formal, casual, day or night.

Choosing a venue

out of a long list of recommended venues to fit every style and pocket.

Choosing a catering service with suitable Kashrut

for all parts of the event. Reception, dinner, smorgasbord or other to suit every style and palate.

Deciding on a color scheme

for all parts of the event.

Preparation of an artistic clip to be viewed at the Bar Mitzva

collection of material after viewing several samples and decision about style and content desired.

Choosing a program/attraction for the event

such as having the Hatan Bar Mitzvah and parents arriving at the Kotel on the charming Kotel train.

Choosing a photographer, security personnel, videographer etc.

Preparation of invitations

from an abundance of styles and sizes.

Preparation of souvenir

to match general color scheme.

Advice concerning clothing

for close party members such as style, color etc.

There are various styles of Barmitzvahs in Jerusalem that you can choose from such as at various ancient synagogues and sites. We will describe here the most popular of them.

Israel in style

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Barmitzvah at the Kotel – The Western Wall

One of the most popular choices of Barmitzvah in Jerusalem is at the Kotel Hama’aravi – The Western Wall. A Barmitzvah at the Kotel involves several stages that we help you plan and execute.

1. Register

Firstly it is advised to register your date with The Western Wall Heritage Foundation. This organization is highly recommended as they help families to plan and hold the services at the Kotel in an optimal way. They will reserve a spot at the designated hour for you at the plaza; provide you with a Sefer Torah according to your custom, as well as siddurim and humashim for all participants. Of course we will do all the reservations for you ensuring that you get a prime spot at a prime time.

2. Opening

The next stage is to plan how to open the event. Would you like to bring your guests with the Kotel train or perhaps just the Barmitzvah boy and close family? Another option is to have the Barmitzvah boy arrive with live musical accompaniment by traditional "Klezmers" who will lend your event an artistic, joyous, and unique touch.

3. Services

Once you are there, the next stage is deciding the actual order of services. Who will lead the services, which custom do you follow, will the Barmitzvah boy be reading from the Torah, who will receive aliyot, which style of sweets and goody bags would you like to throw on the Hatan and all other details of the services.

4. Post Services Program

Now you need to decide what to do after the services. Would you like to give your guests a memorable tour of the famous 'Western Wall Tunnels' or of the exciting 'Chain of Generations' program? If so this too should be booked early at the Heritage Foundation to ensure the smooth transition from the services to the tour. In addition you could choose to go a little further afield and arrange a guided tour at nearby "City of David" – an ancient archeological site from the times of King David with exciting tours and programs. Another option is a guided tour of the Jewish Quarter adjacent to the Kotel with stops at the various synagogues and traditional spots in the area.

5. The Meal

Finally, we reach the culinary part. There are countless venues in and around the Kotel that can hold any type of party. From a formal sit down affair, to a light reception buffet the sky is the limit. Decide which musical accompaniment you prefer, a live band or DJ, the order of speeches and blessings, including the Barmitzvah boy's speech which we can help you prepare. A photographer and videographer to record the magical moments right through the day. And for those who prefer we can arrange for an entertainer at the party to liven up the event such as giant inflated dolls in the form of Hassidim who will dance and make merry not leaving any participant seated!

 We can’t wait to get started on your event, a day to be savored by you and your son for many years to come. Whatever your budget style or preferences are, make sure to do one thing: Book early with ‘Israel in Style’ to ensure your event unfolds just as you dreamed it.

Israel in Style has vast experience planning and producing Not only vacations and Group trips But also all types of events including Weddings and Chalaka at a variety of venues. We look forward to seeing you at your next joyous event! Mazal Tov!

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