8 places in Israel that accessible to all for a light stroll

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

Pre-teen boy riding mountain bike with his sister and parents during a family camping trip, close up
Pre-teen boy riding mountain bike with his sister and parents during a family camping trip,

If you are looking for a place to take your family for a walk, where you can easily walk with your baby in his stroller or with your mother, you have come to the right place.

We present you with 8 beautiful places in Israel that are accessible to all, irrelevant of age or fitness Family trips:

 Ilanot Forest Botanical Garden – International Fun

The Ilanot Forest Botanical garden exhibits trees from all around the world, brought to Israel during the 50s as an experiment so see which tree endures the Israeli weather.

After being forgotten for a while, the forest, located between Kadima and Pardesia, was fully restored and is now a beautiful and accessible forest.

From the big parking lot, you can easily access the picnic tables for a light snack and continue to the marked accessible walking trails.  There is also a fun tree maze adapted for all types of disabilities.

For obvious reasons, no BBQ is allowed in the forest.

The United States Independence Park – Sports in Nature

The United States Independence park is located at the heart of the Jerusalem mountains, around moshav Ness Harim and moshav Bar Giora.

You can start your day at the nice coffee shop near the Information post in Moshav Bar Giora and continue from there to the 750m accessible trail with the view of the Shorek brook.  The trail runs between tall ever-green Grove trees that are typical to the Mountains of Jerusalem, perfuming the cool air with their intoxicating fragrance.  

The park offers accessible toilets, parking lots taken care of by Kakal and an accessible sport field. T

The Yarden Park – Under the Eucalyptus tree 

The park, sitting on the banks of the Jordan River, has many activity options for the disabled, including handicapped parking, comfortable walking trails, BBQ spots, toilets and water facilities.

After a 10-minute walk you can find turtles and fish swimming in the brook, where you can spontaneously stop for a picnic in nature or just a take short break, sitting on a bench under the Eucalyptus tree and enjoying the breeze.

Park Admit and the Arc cave – Breathtaking view

Park Admit, located in Western Galilee, has the best view of the area between Haifa and Rosh Hanikra.

You can enjoy the view as soon as you get to the parking lot and continue from there to the accessible trail that leads to the Arc cave, or what is left of her hanging in the air.  Don’t miss out on the scenery from this point, it is unforgettable.

The park offers picnic tables, toilets and water facilities.

Goren Park in the Galilee – Shady and Cool

Goren Park, located in Upper Galilee, provides you with picnic tables that are hidden from the sun by the heavy shade of the threes in the park. Take advantage of this shade, especially during the Israeli summer, and get some rest and a light meal.

After you are well rested, you can enjoy the lovely view of the Galilee, from the viewpoint balcony and the bird’s-eye lookout. The park overlooks the Kaziv brook and is close to the Monforte fortress, an impressive relic from the Crusaders period.

The park offers some nice parking lots and toilets accessible to wheel-chairs.

The Angels Forest of Sha’aria – Fun for All   

If you have small children, they will find the Angles Forest most enjoyable. The lovely forest near Kiryat Gat has playing status in the shape of a lizard, an ant and a grasshopper adapted by the sculptor specifically for the motor disabled and sight disabled.

The accessible parking lot is located near an observation tower with picnic tables and water facilities waiting for your just besides it.

The forest offers lovely walking trails in the forest, biking trails and a beautiful winter blossom of Cyclamens.

Nah’abir Parking lot in Be’eri Forest – Never the Same

The accessible parking lot in Kibbutz Be’eri is built where the first houses of the Kibbutz used to stand, with the old communication trenches and the water tower still there for you to explore.

It is a place you can visit more than once and it will never look the same, as the landscape of the Negev changes dramatically with each season, enchanting with its yellow and green colors.

From the parking lot there is a nice circular trail of 350 m long, stretching under Pine trees and along picnic tables for resting and snacks.

The Fighter park in Haroovit Forest – Accessible in every way

he park was established for the disabled IDF veterans so it is completely accessible and you can have a tour by car or on foot.

It is recommended to go on foot so that you can enjoy the shade and the sweet fruit of the Carob trees (just be careful not to eat its kernels).

The park area is about 300 dunams and includes many facilities, big tables, accessible walking trails among water wells, accessible bike trails and fitness facilities.

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