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Booking an event or vacation with ‘Israel in Style’ is a dream come true. You just need to tell us what you want, what your dreams are, and what your taste, style and budget is and then, you sit back and relax, and we do all the work. Just like that.

You can enjoy and savor the weeks and days prior to your event, while calm and collected. You can sleep peacefully and restfully,  because we do all the worrying, and we are there to make sure all creases are ironed out and all odd pieces are put together to produce the event of your dreams.

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Hani - Israel in Style

Chani Ze'ev

Managing Director

Jerusalem Office

Maimon Badush

Maimon Badush

Marketing Coordinator

N.Y. Office

daniel michael 2

Daniel Michael

Customer Service

Jerusalem Office


With a soul

We will not forget for one minute that this is your event, to be produced on your budget. We place top priority on adhering to the budget agreed upon initially. Naturally, your event will be to your taste – as we invest a lot of time in hearing what you want, what you are dreaming of, what your preferences are, what your guests appreciate and what type of event you want, right down to the minutest detail so that every stage and aspect of the event should be carried out exactly how you planned and dreamed it should be.

After hearing your needs, wishes and dreams we spend long hours planning each part of the event leaving no stone unturned and no space whatsoever for unwelcome surprises.

Once everything is planned we run it all by you, the client, tweaking and adjusting wherever necessary until you are fully satisfied with the plan.

As soon as we have your approval, the reins are in our capable and experienced hands, and all that is left for you to do is to count down the days to the event, rest up well and on the great day – come and enjoy!!!

When we say that you have our word – we mean it. Our word carries the weight of years of experience in planning and producing first class events and vacations. Therefore you can rely on us completely to receive top rate service, faultless planning and smooth running for your dream event!


Sha'arei Ha'ir Building, 216 Jaffa Street, 9th Floor, Jerusalem




In Israel: +972 52-717-1764

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