A Spring Stroll in Israel – 4 cool routes for the entire family

Dror Bederman

Dror Bederman

Tour Designer and Expert Tour Guide in Israel.

Springtime is the best time to go out with the entire family to nature and enjoy the bursting colors and the gorgeous smells, be free and one with mother nature.

Here are some short colorful and sunny tour routes, to enjoy Israel in Style.  

The Alexander Stream

An all-year-flowing stream,

from Hashomron Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea,

the stream and its surroundings was declared as a national park.

The walk through the park takes you along the river banks,

to some historical sites.

Its main attraction,

though, is the Trionychid population,

a rare specious of turtles living in the stream,

that you can watch from the bridge built on the water just for that purpose.

While picnicking on the river banks,

you can also enjoy the colorful blossoming of the anemone, the buttercup, and the tulips. 

This is a short route, suitable for families with small strollers and takes up to two hours.

The Jordan River

The part of the Jordan river,

flowing between Yaakov-daughters’ bridge and the north side of the Galilee sea is known for its strong flow and its spectacular beauty during the springtime.   

You can make the tour by bike or by car,

but it is most recommended to walk along the routes marked in black or dip your toes in the cold river waters or in any of the small waterfalls created along its path.

The route is easy, suitable for families and takes about two hours walking.

Tel Dan Reserve

Tel Dan Reserve is called “Paradise” as you walk under the shade of tall trees along the path,

passing running water brooks on their way to becoming one with the Jordan River,

Flower mills and the remains of a Canaanite City.

The Dan Hill is actually the biggest one in the reserve that is located in Tel Hauula and its short walking route leads you to the hill and to Ein Dan spring, the coldest spring in Israel.   

The rich vegetation in the reserve is feast to the eyes,

especially during the transition seasons,

when it is painted in a ray of colors,

providing an enchanting background to the running waters.

Note that bathing in the reserve is forbidden,

except for the specific pool designated for it, accessible also for wheelchairs.

The route is easy and accessible and takes about two to four hours, in lazy walking.

EL AL Stream

The EL AL stream,

flowing all year long in the south of the Golan Heights provides you with a beautiful view of green carpets spotted with colorful flowers.

Along the route,

you come across natural pools and waterfalls,

such as “the White waterfall” that flows on a limestone wall and “the black fall” that flows on a basalt wall.

The cold-water ponds, created by the waterfalls, are a great place to relax and get a brush of cool wind after the moderate and steep ups and downs of the stream.

The route is suitable for families and pets and takes about two to four hours.

Note that if you come on a Saturday or during the Holidays, with a group, you will need to park outside Moshav Aveni Eitan and walk 30 minutes to the beginning of the route. 
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