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Booking an event, family vacation or any other Israel tour package with ‘Israel in Style’ is a dream come true. You just need to tell us what you want, what your dreams are, what your taste, style and budget is, then, you sit back and relax, we do all the work. Just like that.

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Traveling with Love

We aim to help you experience Israel in Style, for what it truly is. We will introduce you to its unique cultural fusion and special people and uncover all its marvels and its sacred places.

Make Unforgettable Moments

We can help you create your unforgettable moments. Our team of experts will plan your vacation or event to meet your interests, your needs, your expectations and your budget.

We Make your Dream Come True

We are at your service to make your dream come true. From the planning, through making all the arrangements to guaranteeing your vacation or event is a success in every way, we are always there for you.

Years of Experience

We live and breathe Israel for many years so you can count on our years of experience and presence on the ground to make your vacation or event are the best!

So what are you up to?

Dreaming of the perfect vacation? We will help you make that dream come true! Fill out the form below, detailing what style vacation you would like, what your budget is and what your needs are and we will put together a tailor made vacation to fit your needs exactly.


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Event productions & Israel Tours packages

Hire us to produce your once in a lifetime unique event – you won’t be disappointed. You have our word.

Book with us a fun packed, action-filled top quality vacation guaranteed to bring you full satisfaction. You have our word.

Call us to arrange a fun-day event for groups of all sizes that will be fondly remembered long after the day is over. You have our word.

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Bar-Mitzvah in Israel

The perfect barmitzva for your young man.

We will organize the whole program including inviting Rabbanim to speak at the event, booking a Paytan and a Ba’al Koreh, creating a slide presentation for the barmitzva boy devoting special attention to the charming moments and highlights of his life up until this special day as well as ordering the souvenirs, planning the flower arrangements and ordering them and everything else right down to the last detail.

Also a perfect place to celebrate your bar mitzvah is in Neve pritzky

Israel Tours

We specialize in producing vacation packages in hotels throughout Israel that are custom made to suit you perfectly and allow you to enjoy a detailed program for each and every day of your vacation.

We take pride in the high level of service that we offer;

Rich and varied programs with lots of exciting outings and attractions such as kayaking and motorboats at sea, amusement parks, exciting evening programs for the whole family, interesting lecturers and lots more.

All these Israel Tours comes packaged with a calm and relaxed atmosphere that we create while paying attention to all your needs, such as specific requests concerning hotel rooms even switching where necessary, always giving you the best service possible.

The great day for the Bride and Groom as well as for the whole family is a once in a lifetime occasion which we keep in mind all along as we arrange this multi-faceted event,

starting from the perfect hotel for you to stay at while in Israel, a bridal studio where the glowing bride will get the best treatment on her wedding day, a makeup artist for the rest of the family and of course the grand event of the wedding itself which will be planned along with both sets of parents and the bride and groom to your full satisfaction.

Read here about Planning a Trip to Israel

A great hall, lavish gourmet meals, flower arrangements, souvenirs, fireworks and lots of surprises such as dancing dolls to liven up the dancing and lots more, all in order to create the perfect wedding for the perfect couple!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on the timing of your trip – peak or off season the cost of tickets to Israel range between 800 to 1,000 dollars for a Roundtrip ticket enjoying the regular nonstop flight. If you choose a ticket with a stopover in Europe, one can find tickets as cheap as 500 dollars for a round trip.

Of course, boarding must also be taken into consideration with prices for a night in a standard half pension hotel starting at 60 dollars a night depending once again on the timing as well as the location of the hotel.  

What to pack for a Israel vacation? Read all about it in this essay.

Generally speaking, Israelis greatly prefer casual wear, in particular for every day and definitely when on vacation.

So the majority of your clothing should be the more relaxed casual type with just a few more formal outfits for Shabbat.

If you are coming for a special event then do bring along some elegant clothing, though once again, opt for the understated so you will fit in with the locals.

Concerning the warmth of the clothing, if you are coming from May through September bring summer clothing with a few sweaters for cool evenings in mountainous or desert areas. From October to December, and March –April you will need warmer clothing and a raincoat.

December to February is winter, which can get pretty cold in some areas and even a chance of some snow so bring along warm clothes and dress in layers so that when the sun comes out you can start peeling them off as necessary.

It is generally safe to travel to Israel especially to the popular tourist spots.

Despite the impression of being under constant attack, it is generally a safe country where youngsters can walk the streets even at night and alone.

For an extra precaution one can enroll in the STEP program – which stands for Smart Traveler Enrollment Program – a free service offered to all USA citizens traveling abroad which enables you to receive security alerts from the USA embassy of the country you are traveling to, warning citizens to stay away from areas prone to violence or under attack.

The embassy undertakes to offer assistance to US citizens enrolled in the program in the event of violence or natural disasters.

Residents of the USA do not need a visa to travel to Israel when planning to stay less than three months.

You do need a passport valid for at least six months after your planned return date and a return ticket.

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